Mai Linh WILLER Your safety is our priority Mai Linh WILLER Your safety is our priority

Your safety,
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Mai Linh WILLER Operation Safety Management

Besides excellent seat quality and professional customer service, Mai Linh WILLER is also extremely strict in terms of operation safety.

Bringing in Japan level of safety into bus operation in Vietnam, Mai Linh WILLER's safety management system uses the latest IoT technologies, and all drivers are properly educated with Japan level of safety standards so that all passengers on the Hanoi -Thanh Hoa route are transported to their destination safely.

We create a safe working environment for our drivers, and we ensure all our passengers reach their destination safely

Safety management supported by technology

Use of Feelthym, health management device

This originally developed device can be worn easily to monitor drivers' health and detect potential signs of drowsiness when driving. When such signs are detected, Feelthym sends a reminder by vibrating, and these information is transmitted in a timely manner to the operation center to ensure drivers get the necessary support or rest arrangement adjustments if needed.

As drowsiness is one of the main cause for road accidents in Vietnam, the use of Feelthym device greatly reduces this risk.

Digital tachograph on Mai Linh WILLER bus

Drive recorder and digital tachograph on vehicle

Mounted on the vehicle, this device recognizes signs of dangerous driving such as sudden swerve, harsh braking, sudden acceleration and etc. With cloud computing technology, these information are transmitted to the operation center in real-time so operators can instantly confirm and communicate with drivers to provide the necessary alert reminders or support needed to maintain safety driving when operating the Hanoi - Thanh Hoa route.

Drivers' education and Japan standard operation

Mai Linh WILLER drivers and staffs follow Japanese standard trainings and operation

Drivers trained by experts from Japan

Besides the strict selection of drivers, Mai Linh WILLER also invites experts from Japan to directly train drivers. This has contributed in improving the drivers' professional skills and high operation safety standards, so all drivers can work in a safe environment and at the same time ensure all passengers on the Hanoi - Thanh Hoa route reach their destination safely.

Mai Linh WILLER drivers taking attendance during roll call

Roll call and health check

In Mai Linh WILLER, "safety" is taken very seriously as an unwavering commitment and responsibility from every member of our team of specially trained drivers.

Before duty begins, health checks such as blood pressure and sleep condition are conducted in the roll call session to make sure drivers on duty are always serving customers in their best condition.

Mai Linh WILLER back end operator supporting driver

Operator on duty for back end support

During operation, all our drivers are supported by a team of professional back end operators, who closely monitor the system and analyze safety related datas. When necessary, the operators contact and communicate with drivers, and assist in decision makings and resolving of any unexpected conditions.

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